Insomnia is an anxiety disorder which is commonly seen nowadays. In this competitive world due to various causes insomnia occurs. In this condition patient gets sleepless nights or he might suffer from dream disturbed sleep. When the person gets up he does not feel fresh. Acupressure, acupuncture, yoga and reiki with homeopathy can give miraculous results. A lady came to me who was suffering from insomnia since last 25 years whose age was 50. With the help of acupressure for a 15 days with the help of homeopathic treatment she could sleep well for continuous seven hours. So acupressure is a great medicine for insomnia and without intermingling with any other system or treatment.

Blood Pressure - Hypertension

Hypertension is commonly seen in humans nowadays. Due to stressful and competitive life hypertension is increase in occurrence. Nowadays in young patients also this condition is common. Lack of exercise, faulty nutrition and occupational Conditions are also causative of hypertension. If not taken seriously hypertension can give rise to serious heart problems.



Stress is the major factor nowadays to deal with in every body s life. Due to occupation, improper sleep, lack of proper nutrition, pollution and other habits like lack of exercises, negativity contribute s to increase stress levels.

Cervical spondylosis and other bone disorders, diabetes. Hypertension, Constipation, Headache, Insomnia are some of the diseases arise from unmanaged stress.

Stress management can be well tackled with acupressure, acupuncture, homeopathy and sujok. All nerve s and circulatory system gets relaxed and bodys further damage is prevented.Constant working in front of computer screen can also arise stress.


Hypertension and diabetes are two commonly observed problems among people. Acupressure and acupuncture with homeopathy, reiki we can lower the increased level of hypertension so also sugar level can also be pulled down to attain normal level. With this some light exercises also have to be followed.



Asthma is an allergic disorder in which lung capacity is reduced. The person gets attacks of breathlessness and air hunger is there. At times person gets suffocated and weak. Acupressure, puncture and reiki with homeopathy can give miraculous results in treating asthma.


Acidity is a gastric disorder which is common now a days. Due to faulty nutrition deficiencies constipation, lack of sleep and exercises it occurs. If not treated well it gives rise to more complication.

Stomach pain, chest pain, heartburn are also well treated with acupressure and homeopathy. Light yogic postures are also induced in the treatment. Reiki can be also useful in treating acidity.

Height Increase


With the help of homeopathic medicines we can achieve increase in height. In this treatment patients are given dietary changes. Exercises and maintaining good posture is taught. If conscious parents make  effort for their children increase in height can be achieved. In my practice with the course of treatment desired results are seen.



Paralysis is seen in men and women generaly of all ages.In this paraplegia where both sides of body are affected,hemiplegia where one side of the body is affected.In Bells palsy ,wrist drop/muscular weakness,facial paralysis acupuncture can be effective.With acupressure and yoga with homeopathy it can be supported.Acupuncture is seen to give fast results in bells palsy.Some neuralgias are also treated effectively.Ophthalmic palsy are taken good care of.

Eye Problems

Eyes are very important and delicate organ of human body. We have to take care of them for our vision. Eye Problems like conjunctivitis, glaucoma, diabetic neuropathy, bells palsy can be treated well with these alternative medicines. Vision problems like myopia, functional disorders, weak vision, and color blindness are well treated. As it  cures the eyes and prevents further detoriation. So cure your eyes naturally and preserve them for better future.

Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis condition is very commonly seen. It is nowadays also very common in young people. Actually this disease occurs due to stress, lack of exercise and less calcium intake. Due to friction the bones become brittle and can give rise to neck pain, shoulder pain, hand and thumb pain. It is also very much observed in bad posture. With acupressure, acupuncture and yoga we can very well get rid of cervical spondylosis. With the sittings of acupressure, some light yogic exercises and mudras are also indicated treatment.

In my practice cervical spondylosis can be perfectly taken care by acupressure. Without any side effects we can get miraculous results.

Back Pain / Backache

It is a common condition seen in day to day life. Backache occurs due to bad posture, lack of calcium, lower bone density, trauma, obesity. With acupressure and acupuncture and with yoga backache can be very well tackled. To increase the strength of bone these treatment play very important role.


Arthritis is commonly seen among human beings. Due to lack of  lubricants faulty nutrition, hereditary this problems occur. With thehelp of acupressure and acupuncture rheumatoid and ostrearthritis can be well tackled. Deformities can be prevented if these preventive treatments are taken without any delay. Yoga and reiki with homeopathy can also be given together for better results

Knee pain


Knee pain is seen in all age group of patients.This condition is seen due to obesity,arthritis,torn ligaments,injury,animea,muscular weakness and so on. With the help of acupressure treatment and acupuncture miraculous results are seen .Some light yoga is also helpful.Without any side effects can treat this condition successfully.

Hair problems


Hair is a very important factor of ones personality. Nowadays sue to faulty nutrition vitamin deficiencies excess usage of cosmetics on hair, hair problems like hair fall, dandruff, dry  white hair on rise, lusterless hair. With the help of proper nutritional guidance with help of homoepathy acupressure and yoga desired results are achieved.


Irregular bowel is a very common condition. It occurs due to faulty nutrition and lack of exercises or due to side effects of some treatments. Constipation is very well taken care by acupressure, acupuncture and homeopathy. Exercises are also recommended for good results. We treat the disease permanently and have very successful rate in it.


Obesity is one of the major problems with many people. Due to lack of exercise, faulty nutrition, junk food obesity is occurred frequently. With acupuncture, yoga, reiki, obesity can be tackled very eminently. Around in a months time we can achieve desired results. Weight loss preserving good health can be attained.

Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins are very well treated by acupuncture with yoga and reiki.It occurs due to obesity and pregnancy, long standing, bad posture.We should take care of Varicose Veins otherwise it can create complications like bursting on the skin forming ulcers. And then it becomes difficult to tackle.

Removal of Specs


Eye is a very important gift to a human body. Vision is very important function so we have to take care of our sensitive eyes. Due to lack of muscular power retinal problems vision is hampered. So we had designed a course for children for their better vision and preservation.Eating habits are also counselled during treatment of vision.

Help increase Concentration

memoryThis condition is observed very frequently. In children and also elderly people this condition can be tackled eminently. Before exams or during stressful moments children are confused. Due to this lack of concentration and negativity creeps in. Due to someday tensions some behavioral problems seen.

Skin problems


Skin is a very sensitive organ. Nowadays due to pollution, stress skin problems are increased. Rash eczema, corns, fissures, fistulas, cracks, dryness, itching, acne and pimples can be very well treated by homeopathy. Acupressure, yoga and reiki are also given for complementing treatment.
Sun allergies black spots, bucoderma, hair fall, scalp problems are also taken care of.

Detox Acupuncture Facial

Facial acupuncture, or “cosmetic acupuncture,” as it’s sometimes called, is “a little bit more beauty-focused in that we are putting needles in the face to stimulate collagen production, improve skin quality, help heal acne, help heal acne scars.

Facial acupuncture is an ultimate multi-tasker, as its needles stimulate circulation and self-repairing of the skin. Increased circulation nourishes the skin and promotes detoxification and elimination of cellular waste to leave you with a clearer, more toned complexion.